Super LUIGI 64 DS

USA boxart.

Super Luigi 64 DS

Release Date

North America:December 2,2004

Europe:September 30,2005

Japan:February 2006

NA Re-release:January 24,2007

EU re-release:September 15,2008

JP re-release:November 25,2009/2010


Nintendo DS (NA,EU,JP)

Nintendo DSi (JP remake)

Nintendo DSiWare (2010 JP remake)


Nintendo,Fake Mario inc.,Foxconn


Nintendo EAD,Fake Mario,inc.,Foxconn

Super Luigi 64 DS is a mini-sequel to Super Mario 64 DS, with 1 new, replaced character. Luigi, Mario & Yoshi are still playable, except Wario. Waluigi replaces Warioin this game. Like Grampa Mario, Mario is dressed blue like his grampa. This is another texture hack of Super Mario 64 (DS), but this one is totally fake, like the other games (except Super Luigi 64.)


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